WhatsApp Groups

Message from The Parents’ Association

Class /Year Group WhatsApp groups are a very useful and efficient way of communicating with the whole class or year group. The aim of using WhatsApp is to send messages to the entire group, which are relevant to school.

The messages in the class WhatsApp groups come from parents in their personal capacity or are sent on behalf of the Parents’ Association. The College neither sends nor monitors messages on WhatsApp.

The moderator of the group is the publisher and retains responsibility for  all  messages which appear on a group.

  1. The Parents’ Association would appreciate if parents would note the following guidelines when using class / year WhatsApp groups.
  2. The group should never be used as a platform co air views/grievances regarding a teacher, child or parent in the class or school.
  3. Teachers and individual students should never be named on WhatsApp groups
  4. WhatsApp groups should not be used to drive particular agendas
  5. The group is not a political platform for airing opinions on current affairs
  6. Groups should not be used to share jokes / offensive material or images
  7. The group should not be used for private conversations with anyone else using the group
  8. The usage of these groups should be kept to a minimum to avoid excessive messaging. When this happens, participants do not read messages

We thank you for your understanding in this matter.